North East Peace and Security Network (NE-PSN)

is a network of organisations working on conflict mitigation, peacebuilding, security, and governance related interventions in the North East, under the umbrella of the Nigeria Peace and Security Network (PSN).

What we do

Considering the need for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to peace and security in the Northeast and Nigeria in general, the NE-PSN plays the following roles:


We aim to contribute to peace and development in the Northeast through sustained civic engagement.

Membership Of North East Peace And Security Network

The membership consists of Northeast-based civil society, international NGOs, UN agencies, donors, and embassies. The network also engages government ministries, departments, and agencies on specific thematic areas. The Northeast PSN currently has membership of over 40 organisations implementing projects on peace and security, recovery, and other developmental initiatives across the Northeast Region.

Benefits Of Being A Member

Joining the NE-PSN comes with a lot of individual and institutional benefits. You will have the opportunity to connect, advocate, share resources, partake in decision making and improve the capacity of your staff, among others.

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